Super Radio Network Broadcasting Live Online

Listen Online

You can now listen to the Super Radio Network online 24/7 and all it takes is a good quality dial-up or broadband connection. For 2HC audio click on Windows Media or Winamp. For 2SM Super Network use real player.

The 2SM Super Network "Having difficulties listening" link uses a multi platform delivery system which means you can use either Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real Player or if you're using a Mac we suggest using VLC.

When you click on the Windows media player icon (right) an embedded media player should open in a popup window with our audio commencing soon after. If you prefer to use Winamp or Real Player those programs should open automatically with our audio starting soon after.

If you wish to listen at work, your workplace network administrator may block streaming media. To overcome this inconvenience you could try using our "Having difficulties listening" link (right) you must use either Winamp, Real Player or VLC to play audio via this link.

Having difficulties listening?
Try clicking here.

(You must use Winamp)

Need Software

Don't have a player to listen to The Super Network online?

The links below will take you to the appropriate websites to enable you to download
your preferred player.




Having problems?

When I click on the Windows media player icons nothing happens, what can I do?

If you have a popup blocker installed which prevents the embedded Windows media player from starting, try opening your Windows Media Player program, click on FILE then select OPEN URL and copy and paste the following then click OK.

I have everything setup correctly but can't listen while at work, what's wrong?

Unfortunately Network administrators at your workplace may have locked out your ability to listen to streaming media. Administrators can block certain ports and/or forbid certain types of network traffic, this is most likely what's causing your problem. Please use our 'Having difficulties listening' link but remember you must use either Winamp, Real Player or VLC for it to work correctly.

I'm using the correct player but still cannot play your stream even tho I'm using the 'Having difficulties listening' link, what can I try now?

Open Winamp then click FILE then select PLAY URL and copy and paste the following: then click OPEN.

I get an error message saying "Unable to resolve host" or "ICY 401 Service Unavailable", what does that mean?

Simply put it means our service is unavailable, our server could be down for maintenance or if we're unlucky it could be due to server malfunction. We aim to have our service online 24/7 however something may have happened which is beyond our control. If our stream goes down, rest assured it'll be back as soon as possible.

I get an error message saying "Error syncing to stream", what does that mean?

Although this shouldn't happen often, we could indeed be testing newer audio codec's like AAC so we can bring you better quality sound without wasting data bandwidth.

An error message tells me "Your Computer is running low on memory", what's wrong?

This is a little like the "Error syncing.." message above, however this is what Windows Media Player will tell you if it encounters a data stream it cannot play/recognise.

I've encountered problem that you haven't listed here, what do I do?

Please send us an email explaining outlining problem, don't forget to let us know what media player you are using, your operating system and any other details you can give.


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